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Presenter: Jared Still
Organization: Pythian
Biographical Sketch: Jared Still is a senior DBA with the Pythian Group. His experience includes working with Oracle databases beginning with version 7.0. While Oracle has expanded to encompass many aspects of the application environment, Jared's focus has been on the database itself. This includes primarily SQL, schema design, and performance tuning.
Title: Optimizing and Simplifying Complex SQL with Advanced Grouping
Summary: No doubt you are aware of the advanced grouping features found in Oracle SQL, operators such as GROUPING(), CUBE(), GROUPING_ID(), and GROUPING_SETS(). Like many though you may not be sure how to take advantage of these operators. What do they do, and why should you use them? This presentation will show how these features can be used to simplify SQL that was previously quite complex by reducing the amount of code needed and improving readability, and perhaps most importantly, greatly optimizing the performance of SQL statements.
Topic: DBA Deep Dive
Target Audience: Intermediate
Location: 4a

RMOUG Training Days 2013
2520 Independence Blvd., Suite 201, Wilmington, NC 28412

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