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Presenter: Mark Scardina
Organization: Oracle Corporation
Biographical Sketch: Product Management Director, QoS
Title: Why and how you should be using Policy-Managed Databases
Abstract: Did you know that policy-managed databases are the default database type for Oracle Database 12c RAC implementations?If you are running Administration-managed databses and would like to learn more about Policy-managed database deployments, introduced in Oracle Database 11gR2, you should attend this session. This presentation will detail how RAC policy-managed database deployments solve longstanding customer requirements such as database service start order and last service standing, database zero-configuration scaling, HA event shutdown of less critical services and managing to performance objectives while maximizing utilization. RAC database deployment, upgrade and conversion to policy management along with the use of server pools will be explained and relevant use cases presented.
Topic: DBA
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Target Audience: All
Session: Session 3: 05/22/2013 14:30 to 15:30
Location: Auditorium

NoCOUG Winter Conference 2013

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