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Presenter: Alex Gorbachev
Organization: Pythian
Biographical Sketch: Few DBAs are as well-equipped as Alex Gorbachev to handle any kind of database scenario. Alex has architected and designed numerous successful database solutions addressing challenging business requirements. Alex is a respected figure in the Oracle world and a sought-after leader and speaker at Oracle conferences around the globe. He regularly publishes articles on the Pythian blog and runs online Webinars. Alex is a member of the OakTable Network and an Oracle ACE Director. Today, Alex is working at The Pythian Group as chief technology officer, continuing to bridge the gap between business and technology. The search for the perfect fit between technology, engineering talents, and business processes is what keeps him up at night.
Title: Database I/O Performance: Measuring and Planning
Summary: As data volumes are growing exponentially these days, databases need to process more and more data in shorter amounts of time. Many disruptive technologies have also emerged such as flash-based storage, large server memory footprint, InfiniBand, etc. In such a rapidly changing environment, storage I/O performance tuning and planning easily becomes the task of applying best practices and "black magic" rules. In order to adopt a more sound, scientific approach to I/O performance diagnostics and planning, one needs to master the foundation - measuring I/O performance. This is exactly the focus of this presentation - practical I/O performance measurement and planning.
Topic: DBA
Target Audience: All
Location: 404

RMOUG Training Days 2012
2520 Independence Blvd., Suite 201, Wilmington, NC 28412

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