P r e s e n t e r   D e t a i l s 

Name: Annamalai, Melliyal
Job Title: Distinguished Product Manager
Organization: Oracle
Email: melliyal.annamalai@oracle.com
Biographical Sketch: Melli Annamalai is a distinguished product manager at Oracle. Starting with her career as a developer, she has 20+ years experience in working with unstructured and semi-structured data in the database, including multimedia data, data in Apache Hadoop platforms, property graphs, and RDF knowledge graphs. Her current focus area is graph database and analytics, in particular on ways to make it easy for developers to use graphs in any application. She enjoys working with developers as they develop and deploy solutions to solve business problems, so that she can better tailor product enhancements to what developers need. She is a regular presenter at industry events, Oracle User Group meetings and techcasts, and Oracle Developer events. Melli has a Ph.D. in Computer Science From Purdue University.
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