P r e s e n t e r   D e t a i l s 

Name: Salazar, Roy
Job Title: Senior Oracle Database Consultant
Organization: Pythian
Email: roy.salazar@gmail.com
Biographical Sketch: I'm a Senior IT Professional, working since 1998 with Oracle Products and Technology, with the first six years as Consultant Developer and Systems Analyst, then the last 10+ years as DBA/Database Consultant for Oracle versions from 8i to 19c. I also often have had an additional non-technical role for either short or long periods (ie: Delivery Lead / Acting Team Manager). I also have experience with AWS and OCI architectures.

I'm OCI foundations certified, ITIL Certified, trained in ISO 27001F and ISO 27001A Fundamentals and Audit and also highly trained in Oracle Technologies by several premium courses from Oracle University, including Oracle Database Security.

I'm an Oracle ACE since 2017. In the last 5 years I have become SME in Oracle Database Security.


Oracle ACE:

I am also a Board Director for the Oracle Users Groups Costa Rica: ORAUGCRC (and their community manager for Facebook and twitter)

Blogger at Pythian Blogs:

Speaker at LAOUC. Also I have been a speaker in the last 4 years at: Costa Rica, México, Panama, Argentina and Chile, APACOUC and EMEATOUR

And specially this year, I will be speaking at Croatia RoOUG event:
Accomplishments: https://www.linkedin.com/in/roy-salazar-99922466/
Note: I'm a native Spanish speaker, filled this form and all information in English because questions are in English, although my presentation contents are in English, of course I will do the conference in Spanish (unless required in English because audience is not Latin-American).
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