P r e s e n t e r   D e t a i l s 

Name: Steingrímsson, Börkur
Job Title: Chief Technology Officer
Organization: Ritttman Mead
Email: Börkur.Steingrímsson@rittmanmead.com
Biographical Sketch: Recently promoted to Chief Technology Officer, Börkur is Rittman Mead’s longest-serving consultant, having been with the company from the start 15 years ago. He is an analytics specialist and data architect.

"Working with Rittman Mead since 2007 has obviously had a huge impact on my professional and personal life. I've had the opportunity to work with well over a hundred different clients in well over 20 countries: Sudan, New Zealand, South Africa, and Qatar to name a few. There have been some huge organisations, some small shops, and everything in between.

Six years ago, he moved from Belgium to live in Brighton, closer to Rittman Mead’s HQ. He commented, “It rains less here”.
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