P r e s e n t e r   D e t a i l s 

Name: Simon, Fernando
Job Title: Senior Database Architect
Department: http://www.fernandosimon.com
Organization: Fernando Simon
Email: fernando.simon.br@gmail.com
Biographical Sketch: I am Senior Database Architect with experience in the Oracle Database. I have been working since 2010 with Exadata and since 2014 with ZDLRA to design mission-critical and high availability environments with MAA using RAC, Data Guard, HA, and/for multi-site protection. I also have experience with fieldwork activities like resource manager, impact estimation, upgrade, patch deploy, and patch apply. I worked to design and implement the first ZDLRA in Brazil, and one of the first of replicated ZDLRA project of the world (2015). I did the same for Exadata V2 (2010) in Brazil. I am an Oracle ACE, LUXOUG Board member, and speaker in several Oracle Conferences (OOW), and user groups conferences as well.
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