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Name: Karnik, Nikhil
Job Title: Specialist Solutions Architect
Organization: AWS
Email: nskarnik@amazon.com
Biographical Sketch: Nikhil Karnik works at AWS helping customers get more value from the data that’s stored in Oracle ERP (E-Buisness, PeopleSoft, JDE). He has over 22+ years of experience in the Information Technology space architecting and implementing ERP applications and creating business intelligence solutions. Current focus is on leveraging Could technologies with ERP Data.
Accomplishments: Work on the most strategic AWS services, verticals, and customer segments

🡺 Cloud Adoption: Help executive decisions makers Architect, design, and build next-generation cloud platforms to drive adoption, while providing thought leadership to Strategic Customers.
🡺 Respected for building and delivering presentations, demonstrations, workshops, pilots, and value propositions that showcased value and benefits of innovative products and solutions.
🡺 Synergist – A conduit that brings cross-functional teams together to perform at their best
- Accelerate technical validation process within the sales cycle through creative initiatives.
- Evaluate/Qualify and Drive Strategic Sales Initiatives to drive ACV across the region
- Built metrics to drive and manage Pipe,
🡺 Led and directed customers to align IT initiatives with business objectives through the adoption of optimized software and application platforms on the cloud.
🡺 Applauded as organizational partner and leader, breaking down barriers and collaborating with engineering teams to build next-generation products and capabilities.
🡺 Developed data migration strategies that successfully transitioned enterprises customers from on-premises/data center environments to cloud.
🡺 Leveraged industry best practices to recommend integration strategies, enterprise architectures, platforms, and application infrastructure while opening pathways for enterprise account growth.
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