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Title: Oracle APEX and the "Outside" World
Presenter: Chris Ostrowski
Organization: Oracle
Summary: REST Services allow you to incorporate "outside" data into your APEX application. This presentation will walk you through the steps of finding and integrating outside data sources into your Oracle APEX application, all while writing virtually no code whatsoever! The synchronization of outside data to local Oracle database tables will also be demonstrated.
Topic: Application Development
Session Type: One Hour Session
Target Audience: Development
Experience Level: Intermediate
Session: Session 11: 02/17/2023 2:45 pm to 3:45 pm
Location: ROOM 108
Biographical Sketch: Chris Ostrowski is a senior member in the Oracle APEX team. He has over 25 years of experience with Oracle technologies. He has presented at PPOUG, RMOUG Training Days, COAUG, IOUG, ODTUG and Oracle Open World. He is co-author of Oracle Press's "Oracle Application Server 10g Web Development" with Brad Brown and is the author of the "OracleAS Portal Handbook."
Accomplishments: Author of Oracle Press books “Oracle Application Server 10g Web Development” and “OracleAS Portal Handbook”
Published in RMOUG’s SQL>Update and Select Magazines
Presenter at PPOUG, COAUG, ODTUG, Oracle OpenWorld, IOUG and RMOUG Training Days
Featured in Oracle Magazine (January/February 2008)

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