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Title: Time for Your DBA Career Checkup
Presenter: Steven Lemme
Organization: Oracle
Summary: Whether you're new to the DBA role or have been one for a while, it's worthwhile to join this session and see how your current skills match up to the latest technology and market expectations. New technology advancements like agile, cloud, autonomous databases, and machine learning enable DBAs to perform work they were never able to accomplish before. This has altered their past responsibilities, and added new ones like hybrid and multicloud database management. In this session understand the latest expectations for an Oracle technology professional and learn about new technology skill sets available that help set you apart from others in the role and aid in your career advancement.

This session will address the following:
- How technology advancements have changed the role on-premises even when you are not yet using the cloud.
- How use of the cloud further enables and expands the role.
- What hybrid and multicloud mean for the role.
- Technologies to skill up on and those now considered legacy.
Topic: Professional
Session Type: 30 Minute Tech Tips
Target Audience: Professional Development, Team Management
Experience Level: All
Session: Session 4: 02/16/2023 1:35 pm to 2:35 pm
Location: ROOM 106
Biographical Sketch: As a Product Manager at Oracle, I help customers and partners be successful in managing their Oracle products on-premises and in the cloud. I create training, volunteer, and contribute to Oracle communities, help support Oracle’s ACE program, and speak at events worldwide. I am an Oracle Master DBA, Oracle book and Data Dictionary poster author, past Oracle Partner, IOUG Director, and recipient of the IOUG Ken Jacobs award for service to the Oracle User Group community. I helped create the first Oracle Community Cloud Experience hands-on lab workshop and Cloud SIG and routinely present on the impact of business transformation, new technology, and the evolving role of the Oracle Database Technology Professional.
Accomplishments: Past Director for IOUG, SIG leader and speaker at Oracle OpenWorld and Usergroup events.

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