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Title: Oracle RAC -- Virtualized, in Containers, On-Premises, and in the Cloud
Presenter: Markus Michalewicz
Organization: Oracle Database Development
Summary: The times when Oracle RAC was mainly operated on fully manually managed bare metal systems seem to come to an end. One way or another more and more Oracle RAC systems are based on virtual or partially virtualized platforms and deployed in an automated fashion. While such deployments provide more flexibility, they also require awareness of which configurations are supported and how they should be deployed. This session covers Oracle RAC deployments in virtual and containerized environments such as VMs and Docker containers and discusses support, certification, as well as orchestration solutions such as Kubernetes on-premises and in private clouds, for which Oracle's OpenStack and OpenShift support is also discussed.
Database/DBaaS Administration
Track Sponsor: RMOUG Alumni
Session Type: 30 Minute Tech Tips
Target Audience: Database Administration
Experience Level: Novice
Session: Session 4: 02/16/2023 1:35 pm to 2:35 pm
Location: ROOM 106
Biographical Sketch: Markus Michalewicz has been with Oracle for over 20 years in various positions. He is currently a Vice President with Oracle America and manages the Oracle Database High Availability (HA), Scalability, Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) product management (PM) team, which is part of Oracle Database development. Using database technologies such as Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), Application Continuity (AC), and Oracle Data Guard, including the Active Data Guard option, his team has helped to ensure 24*7 availability of critical, high-throughput OLTP and DWH database systems around the world and revolutionized the way Oracle’s customers get to experience the Oracle Database on-premises as well as when moving into the cloud using Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM). Applying real world experience and customer feedback, his team has been instrumental in designing Oracle’s Database Cloud offerings, including Oracle Autonomous Database, following and defining Oracle's industry-leading Maximum Availability Architecture best practices.
Accomplishments: Frequent and award-winning speaker in national and international conferences.

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