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Title: Preparing For The Technical Trip From E-Business Suite to Fusion Apps. What You Should Know And How To Get Ready.
Presenter: Gustavo Gonzalez
Organization: KNEX
Summary: Join this session to hear from an Oracle veteran with over two decades supporting E-Business Suite running the business and his impressions as a customer that moved into Fusion Applications.
Learn the key considerations and get a sustainable long-term IT plan for Oracle SaaS and how to create a strategic journey to the cloud, which involves the uptake of EBS to Oracle Cloud SaaS—starting from preparation for the project to the first year after going live.
Attendees will get the ten most significant changes needed to adapt while transitioning from an on-premises system to a SaaS solution, including details such as new terminology (POD, P2T, etc.) as well as cloning, reporting, and more. Also, to learn aspects of global operations, we will share what is needed to successfully implement LATAM Globalizations (Argentina, Brazil & Mexico).
Topic: Cloud Management
Session Type: One Hour Session
Target Audience: System Administration, Security, Infrastructure
Experience Level: All
Session: 3: 02/08/2024 11:20 am to 12:20 pm
Location: Cloud
Biographical Sketch: Gustavo is KNEX’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) leading the delivery and support organizations to help customers on their journey to the cloud.

He has also been an Oracle ACE Director since 2012 and since 2006 he has delivered presentations in more than 200 conferences around the world in more than 25 countries in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia including OOW and Collaborate.

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