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Title: How Oracle Blockchain Platform Advances Innovation
Presenter: Mark Rakhmilevich
Organization: Oracle
Summary: The enterprise blockchain landscape is rapidly evolving, and this session will describe how Oracle Blockchain Platform has been advancing to enable customer innovation. We'll describe the key factors that enterprise blockchain shares with public chain, and additional capabilities that make it suitable for business applications in enterprise context. We'll cover how Oracle leveraged open source technology and innovated to simplify enterprise adoption of Oracle Blockchain Platform with management, operations, and development tooling, including low-code Blockchain App Builder, cross-chain interoperability with atomic transactions, and built-in integration with Oracle Database and Oracle Analytics. We'll also discuss the emerging role of blockchain in enabling Swarm Machine Learning and Federated AI, while preserving privacy and data sovereignty.

This session will cover many use cases illustrating how blockchain in enterprise has evolved from track-and-trace capabilities on shared ledger and cross-ecosystem transactions to incorporating tokenization of digital assets, NFTs representing unique assets, decentralized identity, and other Web3 capabilities. We'll discuss how Oracle technology innovations helped enterprises leverage blockchain technology and share many live production examples across financial services, logistics, manufacturing, customer & fan engagement, healthcare, etc., and highlight partnerships with ISVs and customers that are breaking new ground in creating a more sustainable future. We'll share the vision around hybrid blockchain ecosystems and discuss Oracle's initiatives towards bridging Web2 anbd Web3 worlds in the use of tokenization and verified credentials based on decentralized identity/SSI.
Topic: Emerging Technologies
Session Type: One Hour Session
Target Audience: Architecture, AI/BI, Data Management
Experience Level: All
Session: 8: 02/09/2024 11:20 am to 12:20 pm
Location: Emerging Technologies
Biographical Sketch: Mark Rakhmilevich is Vice President of Blockchain Product Management at Oracle and is responsible for Blockchain technology strategy and products. As part of Oracle Development he focuses on evolving Oracle Blockchain Platform, Blockchain App Builder, and Oracle Database Blockchain Tables in the cloud and on-premises. Mark’s focused on the needs of enterprise customers and SI & ISV partners for scalable, secure, production-ready platform for building and deploying enterprise-oriented blockchain networks and Web3 solution capabilities. He helps set the strategy for Oracle’s blockchain efforts and guide customers and partners around the world in applying blockchain and Web3 technology to deliver on key business outcomes – accelerating growth and innovation, deepening customer engagement, reducing costs and friction in business ecosystems, reducing risk and fraud, and bringing to market innovative solutions that solve real-world societal challenges. Mark facilitates customers’ blockchain journey from rapid experimentation to live production through discovery, sharing industry use cases and best practices, recommending deployment models and integration architectures.

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