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Title: My Pi in the Sky - Running MySQL on a Raspberry Pi (and Replicating Data to the Cloud)
Presenter: Scott Stroz
Organization: Oracle
Summary: Did you know that you can run MySQL on a Raspberry Pi and replicate the data to the cloud?

In this session, I will cover how to install MySQL on a Raspberry Pi, give a brief overview of how to store data on this MySQL instance, demonstrate an application that can visualize that data, discuss some issues I encountered while putting all this together, and finally, how you can replicate that data to a MySQL instance running in the cloud.
Topic: Analytics / Developer
Session Type: One Hour Session
Target Audience: Development
Experience Level: All
Session: Lunch-1: 02/08/2024 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm
Location: Analytics / Developer
Biographical Sketch: Scott is a developer with over 20 years of experience in several languages. In those years, MySQL was the only constant in his development stack. He is passionate about sharing what he has learned on his coding journey so others may learn from his mistakes.
Accomplishments: I have spoken at numerous conferences over the past several years, including:

All Things Open

RMOUG Training Days

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