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Title: Leverage AI/ML, AI Coding Companion and Analytics with Oracle ERP Data
Presenter: Nikhil Karnik
Organization: AWS
Name Organization
Jaydeep Rathore AWS
Summary: How do you unlock the value of Oracle ERP application data? In this session, learn how to drive innovation and enhance processes like sales forecasting, financial forecasting, and streamlining supply chains by using predictive analytics and generative business intelligence (BI) tools. Explore how you can combine them with existing ML models by using new large language model (LLM) capabilities. Learn how to use AI coding companion to extract data.

Topic: Emerging Technologies
Session Type: One Hour Session
Target Audience: Architecture, AI/BI, Data Management
Experience Level: All
Session: 9: 02/09/2024 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Location: Emerging Technologies
Biographical Sketch: Nikhil Karnik works at AWS helping customers get more value from the data that’s stored in Oracle ERP (E-Buisness, PeopleSoft, JDE). He has over 22+ years of experience in the Information Technology space architecting and implementing ERP applications and creating business intelligence solutions. Current focus is on leveraging Could technologies with ERP Data.
Accomplishments: Work on the most strategic AWS services, verticals, and customer segments

🡺 Cloud Adoption: Help executive decisions makers Architect, design, and build next-generation cloud platforms to drive adoption, while providing thought leadership to Strategic Customers.
🡺 Respected for building and delivering presentations, demonstrations, workshops, pilots, and value propositions that showcased value and benefits of innovative products and solutions.
🡺 Synergist – A conduit that brings cross-functional teams together to perform at their best
- Accelerate technical validation process within the sales cycle through creative initiatives.
- Evaluate/Qualify and Drive Strategic Sales Initiatives to drive ACV across the region
- Built metrics to drive and manage Pipe,
🡺 Led and directed customers to align IT initiatives with business objectives through the adoption of optimized software and application platforms on the cloud.
🡺 Applauded as organizational partner and leader, breaking down barriers and collaborating with engineering teams to build next-generation products and capabilities.
🡺 Developed data migration strategies that successfully transitioned enterprises customers from on-premises/data center environments to cloud.
🡺 Leveraged industry best practices to recommend integration strategies, enterprise architectures, platforms, and application infrastructure while opening pathways for enterprise account growth.

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