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Presenter: Tanel Poder
Organization: Gluent
Biographical Sketch: Tanel Poder is a co-founder and CEO of Gluent, a stealth-mode startup connecting the traditional enterprise world with the brave new world of Hadoop and Cloud. Interesting times ahead!
Title: Real-Time SQL Monitoring in Oracle Database 12c
Summary: In this session, learn how to use SQL monitoring reports and the underlying active session data. The SQL monitoring features have been significantly improved in Oracle Database 12c, such as the
ability to see more important metrics at execution plan line level and report SQL monitoring data
from past problematic SQL executions. This session discusses multiple real-life SQL monitoring
report examples from various Oracle databases.
Topic: Database Administration
Target Audience: Advanced
Location: 402/403

RMOUG Training Days 2016
2601 Iron Gate Drive, Suite 101, Wilmington, NC 28412

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