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Presenter: Tanel Poder
Organization: Gluent
Biographical Sketch: Tanel Poder is a co-founder and CEO of Gluent, a stealth-mode startup connecting the traditional enterprise world with the brave new world of Hadoop and Cloud. Interesting times ahead!
Title: Connecting Hadoop and Oracle
Summary: In this session, we will explore the many options for moving data between Oracle and Hadoop world, querying Hadoop data in Oracle and vice versa. Keywords: Hive/Impala, Sqoop, ODBC, Spark DataFrames, Connectors, Replication. This high-level session is intended for Oracle professionals who are Hadoop beginners and gives you a quick overview of how Hadoop-based SQL engines are different from traditional RDBMS and how to get data in/out of Hadoop.
Topic: Emergent
Target Audience: Advanced
Location: 4c/d

RMOUG Training Days 2016
2601 Iron Gate Drive, Suite 101, Wilmington, NC 28412

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