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Presenter: Courtney Llamas
Organization: Oracle Corporation
Biographical Sketch: Courtney Llamas started her career as an Oracle DBA and ended up managing one of the largest Oracle Enterprise Manager environments used for critical monitoring and management of more than 3,000 databases. She is now sharing her experience and knowledge with customers as part of the Strategic Customer Program team for Oracle Enterprise Manager. As part of the Strategic Customer Program team, she works with customers on implementations to help them follow best practices and take advantage of all that EM has to offer. Using her work with customers and operations experience, she also contributes to the documented best practices, white papers, blogs, conferences, and webcasts for EM.
Title: Oracle Enterprise Manager Security: A Practitioner's Guide
Abstract: Oracle Enterprise Manager security framework can be quite overwhelming for the EM administrator. It's often hard to understand how the components interact and how to best leverage them for your organization. Learn how to take advantage of Enterprise Manager roles, groups, and named credentials to properly grant permissions and privileges to users. Utilizing EM privileges, we'll show how you can safely grant access to application teams and developers without the worry of changes being made.
Topic: Database Development
Target Audience: All
Location: 304

GaOUG Tech Day
March 3, 2016

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