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Presenter: Fernando Somoza
Organization: TSYS
Biographical Sketch: Fernando Somoza is currently a Director at TSYS (Total Systems) and has been there for over 10 years as a member of the Database Support Team. The company is involved in various stages: development, deployment, data conversions, and production support.
Title: To Cell or Not To Cell? The Exadata Mixed-Load Question
Abstract: The Exadata machines come stocked with a strong amount of CPU, RAM, and storage cells. But how can you leverage and optimize the usage of all of them in a mixed workload environment? We have a large volume of OLTP-based activity, which requires API response times in the millisecond range. We also need to deliver large warehouse files to our customers, but this cannot be achieved in the same manner in which the API calls access the database. The large warehouse files need to aggregate a large data set, and this also needs to be accomplished quickly. How do you satisfy both? This session will go into details of how we segregated the different application workloads utilizing schema separation in conjunction with index visibility to optimize both OLTP and Warehouse type workloads. Also to be discussed is the use of resource consumer groups and plan directives across those schemas.
Topic: Database Development
Target Audience: Intermediate
Location: 307

GaOUG Tech Day
March 3, 2016

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