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Presenter: Heli Helskyaho
Organization: Miracle Finland Oy
Biographical Sketch: Heli Helskyaho holds a master's degree in computer science from Helsinki University and is working on her doctoral studies at the moment. Heli specializes in databases. Heli is also an Oracle ACE Director and a frequent speaker in many conferences. She has been working on IT since 1990 and with Oracle products since 1993. She has been in several positions, but every role has always included database design. Heli has been an Oracle Designer user since 1996 and a Data Modeler user since 2010. She believes good database design and good documentation reduce performance problems and make solving them easier. Heli is the author of "Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler for Database Design Mastery" (Oracle Press 2015) and one of the first winners of an Oracle Database Developer Choice Award, or Devvy, in the Database Design category in 2015. She is the CEO for Miracle Finland Oy.

GaOUG Tech Day
March 3, 2016

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