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Presenter: Frank Hasbani
Organization: Anova Analytics LLC
Biographical Sketch: Frank Hasbani is Co-Founder of Anova Analytics, leading a team of data scientists. He has significant experience delivering data-driven decision support to Fortune 100 companies. Frank is a results-driven, highly skilled visionary in data mining technology and a leader with a strong reputation for integrity, innovation, empowerment, and collaboration with teams and clients. He has proven capabilities in predictive and prescriptive analytics, Business Intelligence, web analytics, program execution and delivery, financial, compliance, banking, telco, digital media, industrial, and logistical sectors. Frank is focused on improving business performance by leveraging data science and analytic processes, and he is committed to building decision support and value realization to deliver successful execution of strategic and tactical initiatives.
Title: The 10 Most Common Mistakes Committed in the Execution and Delivery of Analytics Projects and How to Avoid Them
Abstract: Roughly 80% of large companies report they’ve seen an important strategic decision go haywire in the past three years because it was based on “flawed” data. Almost three-quarters (72%) say delays in getting information to the right people have torpedoed “at least one” major effort in the same period. This is according to AICPA.

Harvard Business Review concludes: “For all the breathless promises about the return on investment in Big Data, however, companies face a challenge. Investments in analytics can be useless, even harmful, unless employees can incorporate that knowledge into complex decision making.”
Topic: Big Data
Target Audience: All
Location: 307

GaOUG Tech Day
March 3, 2016

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